Lindsay Wellness Center Fitness: Trainer Bio’s

Dina Restivo

Yoga & Meditation

Dina has studied yoga with Brenda Proudfoot since 2002. She has earned her 500-hour yoga teacher certification at Mount Madonna Center, a center dedicated to the study of Ashtanga (Eight Limb) yoga under the wise and silent leadership of Baba Hari Dass. Dina continues to learn new techniques and is also certified through Yogaworks, Holistic yoga, & most recently at Sojourn in Hanford. Dina has led a successful yoga program for Visalia Parks & Recreation since 2008, and she especially loves sharing the joys of yoga with seniors and beginners.
“I am able to feel centered by practicing yoga regularly. I am able to still my mind and allow a sense of calmness and peace. My yoga practice is helping me to find my equilibrium and for this I am grateful”.

Stephanie Velasquez

Zumba, Zumba Gold, Strength & Balance, & POUND

Promoting health and happiness through group exercise is Stephanie’s passion. After her daughters were born, she struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety, not quite feeling like herself – until she discovered Zumba®️Fitness. This “new” workout (which felt more like a dance party!) sparked a desire to get healthy, learn more, and share what she’d learned with everyone around her. Certified in June 2011, she began teaching classes a week later.
Fast forward 9 years and Stephanie continues to dedicate herself to her passion. Now a full time fitness professional and GX manager, she teaches a variety of group classes at several facilities in Lindsay and the surrounding communities.An ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor since 2017, she also teaches a variety of Zumba® formats, MUVZ ™, POUND®️, strength-training, core sculpting and HIIT classes. Stephanie believes that teaching is her calling in life – and is devoted to being a lifelong learner and helping others.

Shannon S. Patterson

Aqua Therapy & Aqua Fitness

I’m a water aerobics instructor at the Lindsay Wellness Center. I teach preschool and support my kids. Some hobbies i enjoy are reading and going to the mountains. I adore going to work! In class we have fun in the pool with cardio, stretching, core work, and a little socializing! We have both men & women out enjoying the beautiful facility and warm water. Hope you can join our class.

Kirby Mannon

Chair Class

Kirby has a Masters Degree in Physical Education from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He has taught in the field of Physical Education and Athletics at College of the Sequoias for over 40 years. He started the Seniors Aerobic program back in the early 80’s and has continued teaching these classes to this day. His vast expanse of knowledge in the field of senior fitness far surpasses the masses. Chair class is designed to increase muscle strength, range of movement and improve activities for daily living. A chair is used for seated exercises and standing support and class can be modified depending on fitness levels.

Greg Morentin

Martial Arts Instructor

Owner of Central Valley Martial Arts in Visalia, Ca: Sifu Greg has over 40 years of Training in Kung Fu San Soo. I started training at age 18 under Harold Feliz out of Bakersfield Ca. I fell in love with Kung-Fu San Soo after seeing a demonstration on video at Harold’s studio, I then wanted to learn how to do the things I saw the guys on the video were doing, I have not stopped learning or training since. You must love something in order to stick with it for so long.

Kelsie Avina

Zumba Fitness Monday & Wednesday 6:30pm

I have been instructing Zumba for 5 years now and it had started out as a hobby then grew into a passion. I enjoy meeting new people and seeing them enjoy what we do!
The focus of the class is simply to MOVE. People get frightened by the word “Dance”. Yes, Zumba is a dance fitness format, but I assure my students that as long as they’re moving, they’re doing Zumba RIGHT! Students should expect to experience high energy levels & fun when they take my class.

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