Class Schedule

We welcome our members to jump in and try any of our group exercise classes and events at the Lindsay Wellness Center. Each of our land and aquatic classes is taught by certified instructors who are trained to provide an energetic and motivating workout — sure to keep you coming back for more!  We offer land and aquatic classes including: Yoga, Meditation, Zumba, Strength and Balance, Fit & Tone, Aqua classes, Lap Swim, and more.  Please check out our 2018 schedule below and begin to plan your week. Truly, there is a class suited for everyone!




What to Bring

Lap Swim – Swimwear & Towel
Aqua Classes – Swimwear & Towel
Yoga – Yoga Mat
Meditation – Yoga Mat
Strength-Cardio – Athletic Wear, Athletic Shoes

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